Static Pile Drivers

We operate Russia’s largest pile driver fleet –
8 units of Starke YZY-320 machines

The Starke YZY-320 hydraulic pile pressing machine is a new type of silent piling machinery. Using static force to drive and pull piles prevents damages and uncontrollable microcracks in pile bodies which are inherent to the pile hammering process. During the static pile driving, the machine’s own weight transforms into the required static load on the lever principle.

The machine is able to move independently around the construction site by means of its own walking chassis. It is also equipped with a crane to handle piles into work.

Starke YZY-320 pile pressing machine’s equipment is highly effective, reliable and safe. It effectively operates in all climatic zones over the Russian Federation and regardless of any weather conditions.

Starke YZY-320 technical data
Maximum push force320 tonnes
Piles cross section250 ÷ 400 mm
Pipes cross section300 ÷ 500 mm
Length of piles and pipesunlimited
Average production rate25 piles per shift
Pressing speed1.5 ÷ 5.6 m/min
Distance to adjacent structure during lateral pile pressing930 mm
Crane lifting capacity16 tonnes
Power consumption97.5 kW
Starke YZY-320 overall dimensions
Length11,93 m
Width9,5 m
Height6,85 m
Dead weight (without cantledge)120 tonnes

Drilling Rigs

The Company’s fleet –
2 Starke ZKL-800 rotary drilling rigs

The Starke ZKL-800 electrically-powered rotary drilling rig is designed to drill pilot wells 26 metres deep (by an integral auger), install compaction piles, heavy-duty piles and bored and cast-in-situ piles using the CFA method. Installation of slant legs, turns and movement functions of the machine are controlled by the hydraulic system.

Starke ZKL-800 rotary drilling rig technical data
Maximum well diameter800 mm
Maximum drilling depth26 m
Drill rod rotation speed21 m/min
Output torque46 kN*m
Maximum bearing capacity400 kN
Power consumption110 kW

Auxiliary Machinery

Revvork operates a large fleet of auxiliary machinery – special-purpose equipment for the production of works

Auxiliary Machinery

  • Truck-mounted cranes with lifting capacities of 32 and 25 tonnes
  • Scania R500 cargo truck
  • MAN TGS33.480 6x4 cargo truck
  • MAN TGS33.440 6x4 cargo truck
  • 80-tonne carrying capacity low loader semi-trailers type SPECPRICEP 9942L6 (2 units)
  • 20-tonne carrying capacity semi-trailer type Manac-auto 946831
  • LCVs type GAZelle Business and GAZelle Next (bus, dropside van)
  • Passenger cars (10 units)
  • Diesel power units 250 and 100 kW (2 units)