О компании Revvork

Revvork LLC operates in the foundation engineering area and offers a complete range of services in design and construction of pile foundations and sheet piling, soil stabilisation and compaction using a static pressing technique.

About Company:

  • Revvork was founded in 2012
  • Company’s headquarters is in Moscow, while the back office and production and repair facilities are in Engels, Saratov region
  • Revvork has all the necessary access permits for site investigations, geodetic surveying, earthworks, pile work and other specialised works in the field of capital construction
  • Revvork operates Russia’s largest fleet of hydraulic static pile driver machines (8 static pile driver machines type SVU-320 each with a penetration force of 320 tonnes max) and plans to expand it. The Company has over 20 units of other special-purpose machinery such as rotary drilling rigs, truck-mounted cranes, heavy-duty trucks, low loader trailers, loaders, diesel power units, etc.
  • Our personnel (170) is a team of highly skilled professionals focused on ensuring efficient and successful work, fulfilling flawlessly their contractual liabilities towards customers
  • Revvork cooperates with the leading Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures to carry out Front End Engineering Design work and implement projects. This cooperation provides substantiated and thoroughly balanced solutions for soil strengthening and installation of pile footings and foundations of any complexity
  • In applying innovative solutions along with conventional ones to optimise the cost of underground parts of projects and save customers’ budgets, Revvork offers particularly attractive prices
  • Over 70 projects delivered, over 700 thousand metres of piles installed